Citizens of countries (rus) who have bilateral or multilateral visa agreements with the Russian Federation may be exempted from visa requirements.


Authority to apply.

Foreigners, residing in Ukraine or having permission for continuous stay for a period more than 90 days may apply to the Consulate. Permanent or temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine, Working Permit, long-term Ukrainian visa may serve as such permission. Citizens of some countries (eng) are exempted from this provision in conformity with the reciprocity principle.



Click E-application to complete the Electronic Visa Application form (EVA)

Hard copy of the EVA in Russian or English needs to be submitted to the Consulate on the appointment day along with other papers. Applications are not accepted by mail.




Click E-appointment to make an appointment.

An appointment confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address.

Without an appointment, but during submission hours only, we accept:

1. Members of foreign diplomatic missions and recognized international organizations accredited in Ukraine, holders of diplomatic and official passports.
2. Foreigners who need to enter the Russian Federation for emergency treatment or in case of serious illness or death of a close relative.













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Required Documents (please, click items for further description):

  • 1) Visa Support Document depending on the visa category
  • 2) Passport
  • 3) Electronic visa application form (EVA)
  • 4) One photo sized 3,5 x 4,5 cm
  • 5) Health Insurance (EU citizens only)
  • 6) Copies



Visa fee.
The amount of visa fee depends on citizenship, category of visa, number of entries, processing urgency. Certain categories of foreigners may be exempted from charges on the base of reciprocity.
Visa fee is paid in cash in Ukrainian currency (UAH) on the day of submission after documents verification by a consular officer.

The fee for short-term stay visas for the EU citizens (excluding the UK and Ireland) is 35 or 70 Euro equivalen depending on processing urgency.


Visa processing.
Processing normally takes 7 business days (standard processing) or 3 business days (urgent processing). Documents submission date is excluded from this term. Term of processing in some cases may be extended up to 20 business days. Citizens of some countries, staying in Ukraine temporarily (with allowed period of stay not exceeding 90 days) are subject to longer processing term (namely Australia, Canada, France, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Turkmenistan - 7 business days). Visa processing starts only after a complete package of documents is submitted to the Consulate and a visa fee is paid.



Authority to submit.
A package of documents for visa should be submitted by the applicant in person or by his/her legal representative (for minors). 



Visa collection.
Having submitted the papers and visa fees paid, an applicant gets the receipt that specifies the visa collection date. The receipt must be presented to the Consulate on the specified date to collect visa.



Visa verification.
When an applicant collects a visa, he/she should check that it contains correct personal data, such as: name and surname in Latin script, validity term, passport number, date of birth, sex and number of entries. If any misprints occur, the visa should be returned in due term for correction. How to read Russian visa. The Consulate is not responsible for any mistakes or incorrect information that an applicant has failed to inform the Consulate upon visa collection!



Visa extension.
Visa may be extended only during the stay of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation, ordinary for a period not exceeding 10 days due to well-founded impossibility of leaving the country. The exceptions are training, working and temporary residence visa. Russian Consulates abroad are not authorized to extend visas. If visa is expiring or a foreigners need to change the purpose of stay in the Russian Federation they should re-apply to the Consulate for a new visa, presenting a new set of documents. A new visa is issued subject to cancellation of previous visa if the latter still remains valid.


Visa transfer.
If a foreign citizen who is a holder of a valid Russian visa gets a new national passport and the previous is declared void, the visa may be restored in the new passport upon a written request of an applicant. A fee (USD 40) will be charged for visa restoration.



Permitted period of stay.
Single and double-entry visas may be valid for up to 90 days maximum. Regardless of number of entries and validity of visa foreign citizens are permitted to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation for not more than 90 days within each period of 180 days. This provision does not apply to holders of working and student visas. Some bilateral Agreements may also exempt from this requirement.



Visa refusal.
The Consulate may refuse to grant a visa in the cases determined by the Russian Legislation. The disclosure of the reason for refusal may be withheld. In case of refusal visa fee is not refundable.



Additional visa information is provided by e-mail: visakiev2@inbox.ru
Yet, prior to mailing us, please read carefully the above information. Prepare your query indicating your name, citizenship and purpose of entry. We reserve the right not to comment the issues explained in detail on this page.